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Some Of Our Featured Services


Support Groups

  • Our support groups programs are structured to incorporate a number of people in one sitting, including people who are already undergoing our one on one counseling services and those who are not.
  • The purpose of this program is to help individuals become aware of the fact that they are not alone; there are always others going through similar feelings of worrisome thoughts and troubling challenges.
  • The group meetings also involve the active participation of our trained counselors and are facilitated by our very own team members who are likely to have a common purpose and a much clearer understanding of one another as well as the issues at hand.
  • Our meetings take place on scheduled calendar days.

Counselling / Psychological Intervention

  • We offer individual counseling sessions in a secluded atmosphere where the individual is given an opportunity to speak up and receive guidance, advice, and insight accordingly.
  • Our individual counseling services are not limited to specific subject matters. They range from student matters, relationship difficulties, family matters, work/career stress, life tragedies to more personal afflictions such as insecurities, anger management, psychological disorders, etc.
  • Our therapeutic services allow individuals to explore their feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.
  • The purpose of this personal platform is to create a space where our trained team members can form an alliance with the individual in an environment that upholds trust, promotes safety and assures confidentiality to an extent that encourages freedom and comfortability during the counseling session.

Telephonic / Online Therapy

  • Our 24/7 helpline is available for immediate assistance and support and is open to anyone.
  • We also offer informal talk therapy on our Social Media platforms.
  • Individuals may call, text or even chat to us on social platforms (preferably WhatsApp).
  • Contact details are available in the next section.
  • For your convenience, please book an online/telephonic appointment through our Facebook page. Click on the link below.