Biography: Dikeledi Tolo


Dikeledi Tolo is the founder of Lighthouse Support Group. Passionate about providing pathways for free mental health services, she established a non-profit organisation to offer an accessible platform that will support everyone who is directly or indirectly affected by mental health illness.


The birth of Lighthouse Support group was inspired by her personal journey with mental illness and positive recovery thereof.

In addition, to support for those affected, the organisation wish to stand in love and light with all who share the vision of a healthier mental state throughout all life’s circumstances by raising awareness and effectively reducing the presence of ignorance and stigma around matters of mental health.
Leveraging her powerful intuitive gifts and strategic abilities, Dikeledi specializes in the energetics of leadership, mindset, developmental and support roles.




“By being vocal with my depression struggle I believe I can help remove the stigma attached to it. By being vocal with my victory against mental illness I believe I can inspire others to keep fighting. And for as long as I breathe, I will do just that no story should end too soon because of depression”

Dikeledi Tolo , Lighthouse Support Group