We fall. And so we rise

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again”


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Every one of us has plans for our lives but life doesn’t always play along now does it?. So, now and then find ourselves frustrated because things are not going our way.


In this life, nothing worth having is simple or straightforward. We all go through setbacks.


If your focus stays on your current situation – being unfulfilled, depressed, not working your dream job, not being in a relationship that sustains you, then your current situation will become your forever.


Dwelling in the past prevent us to move on from our failures and pain. We get so stuck up on how bad we messed up or how we could’ve done better and as a result we let that failure define us.


Failure is not final. It is simply an experience that has already finished. The secret to move forward from failure is all in how you handle it. Are you going to sit in the corner and wallow in it and let it crumble you? Or are you going to take this as an opportunity to learn about yourself and grow?


When you are going through difficulties there are lessons to be learned. And if you believe in God like me, He is redirecting your steps to His greater purpose.


I have learned to forgive myself for my failures and to always begin again. I no longer find myself crying in the corner contemplating on how I could’ve done better.


The amazing thing about this life is we can always begin again.


Setbacks (adversities) are temporary. Let us learn to find a glim of hope in the midst of our pain.


Always we begin again! It’s a brand-new day and you should be inspired to be greater than you were yesterday.