Seeking support for depression

Living with depression can be lonely sometimes. Here are 5 ways you can get support:

family support

1. Look for support from people who make you feel safe and cared for. The person you speak to may not be able to solve the problem but they are worth giving a listening ear with unconditional positive regard and compassion.


2. Make face-time talks. Eye to eye contact plays great role relieving us of the depressive feelings because what we experienced internally are expressed verbally through conversation. Find out the people you relate with and engage in an interaction. In the contemporary society, Phone calls, social media, and texting are great ways to stay in touch, but they don’t replace good old-fashioned in-person quality time.


social activities

3. Engage in social activities despite the feeling to withdraw. In most occasion when we are depressed, we find it more comfortable to withdraw into privacy yet involving in public activities reduces the depressive feelings.


4. Provide support to others. The Chinese says “Yin and yean” literally meaning give and receive, when you help another, it enables you also to be on track therefor listen to a friend and be nice to somebody.

support group

5. Join a support group for depression. Associating with others comes along with the benefit of reducing a sense of isolation. Provide support to other victims, share coping mechanism and experience, you would have saved a friend, a sister, brother or relative.


Article by Daniel Ocen

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