Message from the Founder


What a roller coaster 2019 has been!


For some, it has been a great year and for others, it was one of the most trying years ever.


My hope is that you take this moment to take stock, reflect on the success and failures and decide on what you wanna take along with into the new year.



For me, 2019 has been interesting. I had few realizations and the most important one was that struggle and success are connected. The struggle always come along with the success/abundance. I think most people will agree with me that growth is all about defeating the struggle. So if you have expected to have more, do more you must also be willing to step up your game.


In 2020, be willing to do something that pushes you out of your comfort zone. I know most of us are scared to fail. But here’s the thing about failure; it is not a permanent experience. You must be able to  rise above it and choose to be better than you were a moment ago. For me, Life is a series of setbacks but it is how you handle those setbacks, those challenges that determine your success. Positive change and growth are what makes us win.


You must never let failure determine who you are – always try to find a glimmer of hope in the midst of our pain./ in the midst of your fall.


Another big issue I finally got over is caring about people’s opinions of myself. I read somewhere that stress, anxiety and depression are caused when we are living our lives to please others! Yes, Let that sink in. most of us wake up every day with one purpose – to please other people. We care so much about what they think about us, we change who we are to please them but at what expense? Our peace, happiness and perhaps our dreams?


Here’s the thing, people’s opinions about yourself is none of your business. This means it doesn’t matter what they think, what matters is what you think about yourself.


And let me tell you one thing for sure is that you can never please everyone. I tried so I know what I’m talking about when I say it is impossible.  So dear friend, stop looking for affirmations from people around you – look within yourself for confirmation. When you go to sleep at night; ask yourself the following questions,


Am I happy? Am I fulfilled? Because in the end it is all about yourself.


So my wish for you this new year (in the words of Irvin Nuru”) is that you give yourself permission to not make sense, be comfortable with not making sense, allow your heart to present itself in the most authentic form. Being misunderstood doesn’t invalidate your feelings. Life’s too short to fit in – always be your genuine self.


I wish you joy, I wish you abundance, I wish you prosperity, good health and a fabulous 2020. Take care