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Most of us suffer from anxiety and it holds us back from living life: working, studying, traveling, starting relationships, making friends, getting out of the house, having a peace of mind. If so, you may not know where to start but here’s a help. The following is a list of small but significant changes you can start doing today to help you manage anxiety. Change happens because of an accumulation of small victories, not a single action. Best wishes on your journey.

Be grateful Make a list of three things that you are grateful for, especially things you take such as having a job, a supportive family, excellent health, having food and shelter. When we concentrate on our blessings we tend to be happier and grateful rather than unhappy and

stuck on our failures. Start each day with a grateful heart.

Take a walk Any kind of exercise burns off stress, lifts the mood and helps you deal with anxiety and panic.

Distract Yourself If you find yourself analyzing how you feel or worrying whether you’ll have another panic attack, take your mind off it by doing something else. Try listening to your favorite music, watch a movie, read, talk to a friend, etc.

Talk to a friend I am a firm believer that talking to someone about your feelings can help shed off some of your burdens. Whether it’s a friend or a trusted family member, it can help you unburden your dark thoughts. When you are going through a challenging situation, it seems like the challenge is way too big and the situation is hopeless because you are in the midst of it.

Get a journal Sometimes we don’t want to talk to other people about our feelings because of fear of being judged. So get yourself a journal and pour your heart out whenever your thoughts get too much.

Remember your fears are just that, fears Panic can make you feel helpless and vulnerable. Try not to buy into the negative cascade of thoughts. See them for what they are, just fears and nothing more. They are NOT your reality.

Do something kind for someone Just by being nice to others can lift your mood. Simple acts like giving a stranger or anyone for that matter a compliment, help someone in need, do all these things without expecting something in return

Listen to nature I took the above picture on one of my hiking trips recently. Listening to nature reminds me that God is in control. That like the birds in the sky, we do not need to worry about anything. Pause and listen. Appreciate and marvel at what is around you.

Speak to a professional Seek professional help if your anxiety is not getting any better. Therapy can give you new insights and the encouragement you might be lacking.

Think of something positive about yourself It could be your smile, your kindness or your lovely personality. Concentrate on your positives!

Always Remember You are ENOUGH, you are AMAZING, you are WORTHY and LOVED. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.


•Direct comments (“I’m going to kill myself”)
•A suicide plan of how what, where they intend to do it
•Collecting drugs, weapons
•Writing/drawing about death and dying
•Giving away possessions and finalizing affairs
•Dramatic changes in mood
•Depression, withdrawal from loved ones.
•Carelessness, more risk-taking behavior
•No reason for living, no sense of purpose in life.



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